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(c) Diego Ferrari 2022

London-based artist Diego Ferrari is invited to take part in an Artist-in-Residency programme from 14 – 29 April 2022 by the Wolwedans Foundation.

urban dialogues is a collaborating partner in terms of selecting the artists and curating the programme which is part of Wolwedans Vision 2030 – The AridEden Project.

Wolwedans Foundation’s aim is to soon be entirely plastic-free. Yet plastic remains everywhere in our daily lives. Here it becomes a shroud, a carapace, a cape, its out-of-place-ness accentuating the foreignness of plastic in the natural NamibRand landscape.


A laboratory for researching,
enduring and performing

the interconnections
and interferences 
community and individuality

In an experimental theatre approach,
young people aged 15 to 27 ask themselves
how people’s self interests can be brought together 
with those of our society – without conflict. 

To do so, they make use of an empty workspace,
allocated to them, in Berlin-Moabit for the period of
one year and transform it into a lab.

They dig their way through the WE AND I:
How do We and I enrich themselves?
When do they get in each other’s way
while they go deeper down the road?
Which artistic formats can be found for this?

And finally – how will those
find a performative output?
As a radio station?
A hockey field? Or a call box?
Endless options to be explored.

Contact: wir.und.ich@web.de

The project is part of the
WIR!Filialen of S27- Art and Education,
a Berlin-based art lab for young people
who want to change the world.

Wir!Filialen is funded
by Stiftung Deutsche Jugendmarke e.V.,
Der Paritätische Berlin and
Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Familie

It's always someone else's fault

Everything started with a Game Jam in December 2020. Since then we have been working on the development of a board game that specifically deals with climate change – in cooperation with students from the Evangelische Schule Zentrum in Berlin. 

Blame!Game has now been presented as part of the House of World Cultures’ ‘Schools of Tomorrow’ program.

It is designed for 2-7 players who slip into different roles by drawing a card and being given an ice cube. Now everyone tries to bring their own ice cube to the goal on the playing field. At the same time, he or she does everything possible to destroy each other’s ice cubes with various verbal and mechanical attacks.

Slowly but surely the pieces are melting away …

A Theatre Production in Namibia

BONES RISING is a project which comprises the development of a theatre production with a participatory approach as well as a multimedia performance. The primary target group are children and adolescents aged 8 to 16 years.

BONES RISING take use of the famous Namibian folk tale »Human Bones«, in order to create an innovative and contemporary form of storytelling by using physical theatre, sound design and new media such as stills, motion visuals and participatory theatre elements.

The project is going to be implemented in Namibia (2021)  and Cameroon (2022).

urban dialogues is responsible for the set-design while also contributing to the initial research regarding the colonial remains and repercussions in Africa.

The project is supported by the International Coproduction Fund of the Goethe-Institut.

more information on project website


Game Jam
'Schools of Tomorrow'

Schools are laboratories for tomorrow’s society!
But how can they become places
where a new future emerges?
What social agents are necessary for this? 

Schools of Tomorrow is a project
initiated and co-ordinated by
the House of World Cultures Berlin
in order to artistically research
the future of schools.

In December 2020 a Game Jam
was organised by urban dialogues
in co-operation with
House of World Cultures  Berlin
and the
Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum. 

Due to the pandemic,
the final presentation was postponed a few times.
Now it is planned to happen in 
November 2021.

Winner of the Covid-19
Creativity Challenge Prize
in Namibia

Illustration Video contributing to the fight against the pandemic in Namibia

This video has been released on African Day, 25 May 2020.
It is reflecting the efficiency of the current struggle regarding Covid-19 in Namibia.

It is the fruitful result of the collaboration between the Namibian artist and graphic facilitator Hage Mukwendje and the storytelling by urban dialogues’ artistic director Stefan Horn.


It’s time to throw the dice! After a 72-hours Game Jam hosted at Wolwedans earlier this year, four of the participating teams are presenting theirs fully-fledged and playable results.

The Serious Games and Role Games that were created are contributing to social development in addressing matters such as climate change, inequality, global interdependence and sustainability.

Check it out right here!

Public Space and Public Art

A playful debate
moderated by Stefan Horn (urban dialogues)
in co-operation with Namibian Art Association

Graphic recordings by Hage Mukwendje

Respondents: Ndapewa Fenny Nakanyete,
Ellison Tjirera and Natache Sylvia Iilonga